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The Weezie Library for Children

Something for Children of All Ages

Come visit us at the Weezie Library for Children. You’ll find books, music, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and more in many reading levels and formats for young people. The library also houses magazines, reference materials, and foreign language books. Throughout the year Weezie Library offers a full range of free Programs and Events for children.

Located on the east end of the first floor, the Weezie Library for Children was built in 1996 with a generous grant from the Weezie Foundation and named in memory of Louise Frances Walker.

Upcoming Events

  • All programs held at the library are free and open to the public.
  • All programs are held in the Atheneum Lower Gallery, unless noted otherwise.
  • Programs are run on a first come, first served basis.  Tickets are available at the Children’s desk 30 minutes before programs begin.
  • Program registration, when required, may be completed either at the children’s desk, or on our online calendar of events. Click on the icon of a hand to sign up.
  • Please help us to maintain safe, high quality programming by honoring our age suggestions and space limitations.
  • Many thanks to the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation for its generous support of our summer programs for children.

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The Atheneum’s extremely helpful staff makes requesting items amazing. I can’t tell you how often I have requested a book at 8am and walked into the Atheneum at 10am, greeted with the book I ordered 2 hours earlier.