Online Technology Class: Using the "Find My" app on your iPhone

05/31/22 @ 9:30am - 05/31/22 @ 11:30am Online Nantucket Atheneum In this online class, Janie demonstrates the "Find My" app, so you can retrieve misplaced iPhones and AirPods. These phones… [...]

Music in the Morning

05/31/22 @ 9:45am - 05/31/22 @ 10:30am Gallery Nantucket Atheneum Join Lizza in our Gallery for fun songs and singing games!  Space is limited. Tickets will be available at the… [...]

05/31/22 @ 7:00pm - 05/31/22 @ 8:00pm Online Nantucket Atheneum Basic Beginner's English class is for those who speak litter to no English. Learn basic words and phrases common in… [...]

06/01/22 @ 4:30pm - 06/01/22 @ 5:30pm Online Nantucket Atheneum Interested in becoming a tutor volunteer to help adult English language learners? If you have an hour or two a… [...]

Dungeons & Dragons

06/01/22 @ 6:00pm - 06/01/22 @ 8:30pm Great Hall Nantucket Atheneum Come join us for an evening of fun and adventure with one of the most famous fantasy tabletop role-playing… [...]