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Send Us Your Peep Diorama Photos!

Many of you have reached out to ask about our annual Peep Diorama contest. While the Atheneum building is closed, we are still eager to see your creations!

If you would like to submit a Peep creation, you can send photos to lpless@nantucketatheneum.org or text the photos to 508-825-9834. There will be no competition this year, but we will share your photos on our website and on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Please practice social distancing and proper protection when gathering materials, wash your hands, and get creating!

2019 PEEPs Diorama Contest

The Nantucket Atheneum presents the 8th annual Peeps Diorama Contest, where participants create a scene inside a shoebox depicting their favorite book or literary character using Easter PEEPs. The dioramas can be entered in four categories: Children, Teens, Families and Adults.

There are a couple rules: each diorama must be based on a book or literary theme with the characters portrayed using Peeps, all dioramas must be made using a standard size shoebox, limit your use of food as a material only to PEEPs and all entries must be in good taste.

Once considered an Easter candy, marshmallow PEEPs are now available year round for a variety of holidays. Manufactured in Pennsylvania by the Just Born company, PEEPs are technically a food product, but considered indestructable. As the marshmallow ages and is exposed to air — it dehydrates, becoming “stale” and slightly crunchy. According to Just Born, 25%-30% of their customers prefer eating Peeps stale. In 1999 scientists at Emory University conducted experiments on PEEPs to see what it took to dissolve them.

Recently, PEEP eating contests and diorama contests have become popular around the country.

Join us by creating a PEEPs diorama or coming to the Atheneum between April 16 and 24th to vote on your favorites. Winners will be announced April 25th.

Contest Dates

April 11 – 13 Drop off your completed diorama to the Atheneum during regular library hours.

April 16 – 24 Come in and vote for your favorite diorama in four categories.

April 25 Winners announced.