New York Times Online

All library patrons can now read the New York Times and NYT Cooking from a computer or mobile device simply by having a library card.

If you are in the LIBRARY using one of our computers you have free access to everything The New York Times has to offer, including News, Games, Cooking, Wirecutter and The Athletic! Here’s how to get started exploring:

Get free access to, onsite at your library:

  1. Visit using any device. Ensure you are using the library’s WiFi connection.
  2. Go to the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on “Log in” to create a free account or log-in to your existing account.
  3. You now have full access to all journalism on while logged in at the library.

Note: Access to The NYT News and Audio Apps, New York Times Games, New York Times
Cooking, Wirecutter and The Athletic can be accessed using a 24-hour access code —from
anywhere. See directions below!


If you are  OUTSIDE the library AT HOME you have free access to everything The New York Times has to offer including News, Games, Cooking, Wirecutter and The Athletic!

  1. Go to our library’s dedicated URL to redeem a 24-hour access code.
  2. Your code will auto-populate. Click redeem.
  3. You will need to either register for a free account or log in to your existing account.
  4. After receiving confirmation that your access code is valid, you will have 24-hours of complimentary access to the full world of The New York Times, including News, Games, Cooking, Wirecutter and The Athletic. See here for everything your access includes.
  5. Once your 24-hour access code expires, you can simply repeat the process from Step 1 to redeem another 24-hour code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in with an email and password allows the system to recognize your free subscription through the Nantucket Atheneum. You will also be able to save articles and access various NYT newsletters.

Off-site access has a limited amount of codes to provide service when you are not at the library. This is intended as a supplement to in-house use. However, you can generate a new code every 24-hours so you will never be without access from home.

Our subscription is compatible with the NYT app but only for off-site access through the links above to redeem a 24-hour code. The app will not sync through the public Wi-Fi when you’re at the library.

No, the NYT crossword and other NYT digital games are not available through this online service.