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Interwoven Stories: A Nantucket Stitching Gam Launches October 1

Map of Princeton captioned "Home is where the heart is"The Artists’ Association of Nantucket and the Nantucket Atheneum kick off a one year community-based stitching and textile project at the Atheneum’s Great Hall on Sunday, Oct. 1 at 1 pm.

Anyone interested in the project is invited to attend the kick off and learn more about Interwoven Stories, Pick up a free kit of embroidery materials and see examples from other Interwoven Stories projects.

The project concludes during the 2018 Nantucket Arts Festival with an exhibit of handcrafted, embroidered “pages” made by Nantucketers. In addition, the Interwoven Stories project includes a printed catalog with a photograph of each work and a short biography of each artist.

The AAN and Atheneum will distribute free kits that contain a page and the supplies needed. Over the year, the two organizations will hold monthly stitching sessions as well as other programs that fete the talent of the island’s many stitchers, both past and present.

Those participating are asked to create a work that celebrates their experience of Nantucket. It can be made up of images or words or both.  The content of the pages will be open and prescriptive so as to give people plenty of room to express themselves.

The project was started by island summer resident Diana Weymar (website: who has facilitated other Interwoven Stories in New Jersey and Washington State. Weymar will be at both Arts Festival events, first to help kick off the project in 2017 by showing works from other projects and then to help curate and celebrate the 2018 exhibit.

The project has received a grant from the Nantucket Arts Council.

For more information please contact Amy Jenness or Diana Weymar.


Contact: Amy Jenness
508-228-1110 ext 118

Artist Contact: Diana Weymar
Instagram: @DianaWeymar