2022 Dance Festival Sponsors

We are grateful to all of our sponsors, committee members and friends who helped make the 2022 Dance Festival a fantastic culmination of 15 amazing years.


Tradewind Aviation


Geschke Foundation

Martha and Bob Lipp

Karen W. Rainwater

Margaret and John Ruttenberg

Randee Seiger

Jane A. Tyler


Maureen and John Graf

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Jane and John Loose

Franci Neely

Harriet and Warren Stephens

Merrielou Symes


Jody and Brian Berger

Laura and Bill Buck

Tracy and John Flannery

Kaaren and Charles Hale

Charles and Ann Johnson

Tracey and Bill Marshall

Linda and Ben McGrath

Bonnie J. Sacerdote

Denise and Andrew Saul

Ms. Louise E. Turner


Belinda and Charles Bralver

Connie and Tom Cigarran

Kristen and John Clark

Catherine and Anthony Clifton

Amy Baldwin and Hugh Davis

Meg and Samuel Flax

Irene and Richard Frary

Joan and Philip Gulley

Andrea and Frederick Hoff

Mrs. Phyllis Rappaport

Jeffrey F. Rayport and Hillary Hedges Rayport

Susan and Harry Rein

Elizabeth  Shepard and Terry Straub

Ally and Drew Sievers

Daisy M. Soros

Catharine and Jeffrey Soros

Cathy and Stephen Weinroth


Susan Akers

Carol Atkinson

Susan Baer

Mary-Randolph Ballinger

Max and Pamela Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Calder

Barbara G. Cohen

Drs. Stephen and Helen Colen

Jim and Chris Cowperthwait

Patti Deuster

Kirsten Ecklund and Rob Furdak

John and Margee Falk

Elizabeth and Michael Galvin

Claire and Bob Greenspon

Leslie and Alan Shuch

Maureen Phillips and Douglas Horst, MD

Lisa Huertas

Debbie and Peter Kahn

Coco and Arie L. Kopelman

Carol and Fred Levinger

Janet and Keith Lindgren

Judy MacLeod

Peter and Deborah Manus

Marion and Terry Martin

Marilee Matteson

Bonnie and Peter McCausland

Allan and Darina McKelvie

Katie and Bill McNabb

Betsy  Michel

David and Kimball Moriniere


Valerie Paley

Liz and Jeff Peek

Mary and Alan Raul

Susan and Tom Roeder

Ellen and David Ross

Diane and John Samuels

Alison and Tom Schneider

Seaman Schepps

Yvette and Karl Slatoff

Janet Steinmayer

Garrett Thornburg

Allison and Charlie Townsend

Phoebe and Bobby Tudor

Robin Rednor and Robert A. Veghte


Janet and Sam Bailey

Judy A. Beal

Judy and John Belash

Maureen and Edward Bousa

Ms. Ann Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. Erik M. Caspersen

Roxanne Casscells

Jeanne Cohane

Mr. and Mrs. Porter G. Dawson

Ann and Norbert Donelly

Susan Doughan

Tish Emerson

Harriette and Allan Fox

Barbara and Elliot Gewirtz

Kathleen and Robert Hay

Julia Hobart

Lois Horgan

Kathryn Ketelsen

Carol and Kenneth Kinsley

Mrs. Beatrice S. Knox-Johnston

Allan and Mary LaFrance

Mrs. Kathryn C. Lieb

Sharon and Frank Lorenzo

Deedie and Ted McCarthy

Ronay and Richard Menschel

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nopper

Ann B. and C. Hardy Oliver

Pamela Perun

Nat and Melissa Philbrick

Jill and Mitch Roberts

Fran and Eric Rosenfeld

Samantha and Mark Sandler

Judith and Robert Schwarzenbach

Esta-Lee and Harris Stone

Ambassador Louis and Marjorie Susman

Ann and Peter Taylor

James Flaws and Marcia Weber

Marcia P. Welch

White Elephant Resorts

Cheryl Woodford


Molly Anderson

Ann Bond

Paul Driscoll

Jennifer Garran

Cindy and Jim Helfrich

Whitney and John Rosenthal