Constance Laibe Hays Memorial Lectures

Constance Laibe Hays, a New York Times reporter and the author of The Real Thing: Truth and Power at the Coca-Cola Company, considered the Nantucket Atheneum one of her favorite places in the world. In 2005, Mrs. Hays died of cancer and a lecture in her honor was established to support the work of both new and established writers.

Previous Lectures

  • 2020: The Constance Laibe Hays Memorial Lecture was on hiatus in 2020.
  • 2019: Author Janny Scott discusses her book The Beneficiary: Fortune, Misfortune, and the Story of My Father.
  • 2018: Author Adam Gopnik discusses his book At The Stranger’s Gate: Arrival in New York.
  • 2015: Author and journalist Russell Shorto discusses his book Amsterdam: A History of The World’s Most Liberal City.
  • 2014: Husband and wife journalists Stephen B. Shepard and Lynn Povich discuss their more than 40 years as journailsts.
  • 2013: Former New York Times journalist Janny Scott and author of A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother.
  • 2012: Author Buzz Bissinger, Father’s Day, A Journey into the Mind and Heart of My Extraordinary Son.
  • 2011: Author Fen Montaigne, Frazier’s Penguins: A Journey To The Future in Antarctica.
  • 2010: A Conversation with Authors Janet Elder, Sarah Lyall, and Mary Murphy and Moderated by Glenn Kramon.
  • 2009: New York Times journalist and author David Sanger.
  • 2008: Author Samantha Power.
  • 2007: Author Calvin Trillin.
  • 2006: CBS News journalist Katie Couric.