Portrait photo of Abraham Lincoln

Class: Peter Panchy, ‘Presidents & Precedents: Selections From U.S. History’

Join us for a conversation about the history of American democracy and governance that examines the vision of our Founding Fathers and how it has evolved into the political system and balance of power we experience today. The January sessions revolve around Abraham Lincoln, the Dred Scott decision and the Civil War Constitutional Amendments.

Lead by Peter Panchy, the class meets twice monthly from October to May and each session will focus on how a particular US President or US Supreme Court decision impacted the course of American politics and impact on democracy. Panchy will provide the history and context, but there will be plenty of time for discussion.

Peter Panchy has taught history at Nantucket High School for over 20 years and currently is teaching AP American History. He has also taught college at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He has a B.A. from Harvard and a Masters of Education from Lesley University.