We Thank you for supporting our island’s library and strengthening our commitment to the community!


$25,000 AND ABOVE

The Margaret R. R. Battle Family Charitable Fund

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Barbara Jones Memorial Fund

Jane and John Loose

Ronay and Richard Menschel


$10,000 – $24,999

Janet and Sam Bailey

Bill and Laurie Benenson

Tracy and John Flannery

Nan Geschke

Charles and Ann Johnson

Knox Foundation

Deedie and Ted McCarthy

Peter and Bonnie McCausland

Susan and Paul Meister

Betsy S. Michel

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Roeder

Bonnie J. Sacerdote

Robert and Kathleen Stansky

Merrielou Symes


$5,000 – $9,999


Robert J. and Karen Z. Bettacchi Family Fund

Cox Foundation, Inc.

Lisa and Nate Cressman

Meg and Sam Flax

Joan and Philip Gulley

Gordon and Llura Gund

David and Diane Lilly/Peravid Foundation

Peter and Deborah Manus

Linda and Ben McGrath

Ella Wall Prichard

Laura and Bob Reynolds

Sharon and Frank Robinson

Ellen and David Ross

Seiger Family Foundation

Joseph and Deidre Smialowski

Stillwaters Charitable Trust

Melinda M. and Paul R.C.Sullivan

Ann and Peter Taylor


$2,500 – $4,999

Jane Beasley

Anne and Andy Calder

Gina and Colby Crenshaw

Jayne and Timothy Donahue

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eisenson

William and Barbara Evans

John and Margee Falk

Maureen and John Graf

Catherine and Richard Herbst

Judy Family Foundation

Ann and Craig Muhlhauser

Ms. Bianca Bosker and Mr. Matthew Nguyen

Ann and C. Hardy Oliver

Thomas and Lisa Ragno

Jeffrey Rayport and Hillary Hedges Rayport

Richard and Sheila Riggs

John and Margaret Ruttenberg

Thomas and Alison Schneider

Ms. Nancy Seaman and Mr. Alan Schwartz

Sam and Happy Shipley

Ms. Janet Steinmayer

Mr. Jeffrey P. Tucker

Liz and Geoff Verney


$1,000 – $2,499

Nancy & Doug Abbey

Leigh and Carrie Abramson

Nora and Edgar Ancona

Marcia and Steve Anderson

Archibald Family Foundation

Michelle and Bob Atchinson

Debbie and Mark Beale

Judy and John Belash

Mary Jane and Henry Belber

Carole and Gary Beller

Charity Benz

Martha C. Berlin

Neuberger Berman

Blue Water Health

Jeanine and Alastair Borthwick

Maureen and Edward Bousa

Will and Carol Browne

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brownell

Lissy Bryan

Bill and Laura Buck

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Burns

Dr. James A. Burruss and Dr. Mary Fontaine

Annye Camara

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Charpie

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Chisholm

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Clapp III

Barbara G. Cohen

Jane Condon and Kenneth Bartels

Congdon & Coleman Insurance Agency

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Cowperthwait

Heidi Cox

Christina Craighead

Carol March Emerson Cross Fund

Amanda B. Cross

Lisa and Porter Dawson

Anne Delaney and Chip Carver

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Durkes


$1,000 – $2,499

EMWIGA Foundation

Martha and Paddy Farrell

Gus and Lisa Field

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Filipski

Michele and Marc Flaster

Robert and Barbara Friedman

Victoria Anne Gellman

Peggy Gilfoy

Mrs. Lynn S. Glasser

Elliot R. and Jeri Werner Goldberg

Goldman, Sachs and Co.

Betsy and Bill Guardenier

Mary & Robert Haft

Ed and Barbara Hajim

Robin and Jay Hammer

Lucile W. Hays

John Heinz Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Holch

Sandra R. Holland

Barbara and Richard Holt

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hudson

Christopher McKown and Abigail Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Allan LaFrance

Christopher and Janet Larsen

Susan S. Leonard

Mrs. Kathryn C. Lieb

Mrs. Suzanne Lingeman

Mary Longacre

Sharon and Frank Lorenzo

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lowry

Richard K. Lubin Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. George Kelly Martin

Pat and Charles McGill

Toni and Martin McKerrow

Marlin and Regina Miller

Mr. and Mrs. John Moller


$1,000 – $2,499

Mountain Laurel Foundation

Roger and Marjorie Nastou

Laura DeBonis and Scott Nathan

Aryeh Neier

Joan and Michael Nelson

Jeffrey Newton

Sharon and David Northrup

Al and Mary Novissimo

Susan N. O’Malley

Ms. Maureen Orth

Melissa and Nat Philbrick

Gillian and Scott Pidcock

Nancy and Bob Puff

Suzanne S. Rand

Kennedy and Susan Richardson

Jay and Gretchen Riley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Roberts

Ellen and Ken Roman

The Linda & Harvey Saligman Charitable Foundation

Ms. Barret Brown and Mr. Charles Sawyer

Lenore and James Schilling

Penny Scheerer and John Schwanbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Cary M. Schwartz

Kathryn Sheehan

Daisy M. Soros

Greg and Laura Spivy

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sutka

Jane A. Tyler

Union Lodge F. & AM

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Vandenberg

James Flaws and Marcia Weber

Kim and Finn Wentworth

Jay M. Wilson Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation

Ms. Leslie Forbes and Mr. David Worth


$500 – $999


Tom and Suzanne Albani

Barbara C. Bailey

Mrs. Walter F. Ballinger II

Mary Kennedy Baumslag

Bill Belichick and Linda Holliday

Clara Bingham

Megan Blair-Valero

Susan Blount and Richard Bard

Sarah Ann Miller and David Bossi

BPC Architecture

Deane and Ken Brasfield

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Briance

Ms. Patricia Bril

Eugene and Susan Briskman

Kathryn Cramer Brownell

Susan and David Brownwood

Jeff and Marjorie Burdick

Mrs. and Mr. Susan P. Burke

Ms. Kathleen M. Cannon and Mr. Brian Kelly

Mr. John Carter

Emily and James Clifford

Phil and Peg Condon

Suellen Ward and John Copenhaver

Marcia J. Coyle and Thomas C. Szydlowski

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dannheim

Ms. Martha Dippell and Mr. Daniel Korengold

Chris and Joe Donelan

Ann and Norb Donelly

Mr. and Mrs. John Dowd

Lee and Tharon Dunn

Charles H. Dunton

Robert and Marsha Egan Family Fund

Tish Emerson


$500 – $999

William and Anne Farrell

Vinita and David Ferrera

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Finn

Cece and Mack Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Frazier

Mr. Paul J. Gaynor and Ms. Karen K. Ketterer

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gentner

Paula Gold

Toby Greenberg

Missy and Chris Griffiths

Lauren and Paul Gudonis

Sara Schwartz and Will Hannum

Patrick and Lucy Hehir

Sandra Urie and Frank Herron

Joan and Eugene D. Hill III

Mrs. Julia D. Hobart

Hudson Holland III and Michelle L. Holland

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hooper

Janie and Woody Kay

Vanguard Charitable

Carol and Ken Kinsley

Dr. Hal Landy and Ms. Deborah Ramsdell

Mr. Jonathan W. Nyland and Ms. Katherine M. Logue

William and Deborah Lothian

Jeff and Susan Lucier

Mr. and Mrs. William Q. MacLean

Fritz McClure

Kathryn St. Juste and Brian McDermott

Jason L. Michel

Mr. and Mrs. Peter deF. Millard

Jeanne and Bruce Miller

Herb and Miriam Mittenthal

George and Barbara Mrkonic

Leo Mullen and Helene Patterson


$500 – $999

The Nantucket Town Association

SandJ Newhouse Family Foundation

Nancy Newhouse and Kenneth W. Holdgate, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nopper

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Oakford

Anne Olsen

Barbara and Dermot O’Reilly

Robert H. Peaker, Sr.

Judith and Richard Phelan

Bill Porter and Peggy Davis

Robert L. and Gene E.K. Pratter

Diane Archer and Stephen Presser

Nicholas and Sueanne Rorick

Robert Schwarzenbach & Judith Lee

Karen Schwenk

Judith Greenberg Seinfeld

Mrs. Susan R. Shapiro

Lorraine C. Snell

Peter C. Steingraber

Joly W. Stewart

Kristina and Brad Strand

Steve & Ann Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Tercek

Nancy Thayer

Anne Troutman and Aleks Istanbullu

Genevieve M. Tucker

Jacqueline R. Tullo

Deborah and Don Van Dyke

James and Elinor Vaughter

Linden and Madeleine White Fund

David and Mary Wolff

Lucinda Young


$1 – $499

Anonymous (5)

Joe and Marcia Aguiar

Susan A. Albach

Joan Albaugh

Susanne Albright

Peggy Altreuter

Patricia S. and Thomas J. Anathan

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson

John Archibald

Alan F. Atwood

Joan Badie

Anne D. Bailliere

Dorothy and Sam Baker

Vice Admiral and Mrs. John A. Baldwin, Jr.

Barnes Family

Julie Batal

Karen and Douglas Beattie

Carol and Rob Benchley

Rebecca and Ted Bent

Nancy and Ronald Berman

Gail Berson

David Berson and Katie Lacey

Chris Bierly and Margaret Boasberg

Birch Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey

Elaine Boehm

Leon and Barbara Bolin

Bruce Bolton

Ann P. Bond

Mrs. Claire Couch Bosee

Meryl and Michael Bralower

Alice and Jharry Breed

John and Jessie Brescher

Mrs. Patricia Bridier

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Broadus III

Peter R. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown

Noël Berry and Paul Bruno

Mr. and Mrs. James Buckman

Ms. Barbara E. Bund

Ms. and Ms. Myrna Butler

Sandra Byrne

Don and Lisa Callahan

Michael Carlisle

Mr. and Mrs. Erik M.W. Caspersen

Mark and Mary Ellen Castle

Carolyn J. Durand

David and Kathleen Champoux

Stephen Chase

Peter and Abbie Chase

Ms. Lisa Clarey-Lawler

Pamela Clark

Virginia Clark

Clear Pond Fund

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Congdon

Eva and James Conniff

Stephen and Sharon Conway

Oliver and Jil Coolidge

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cooney

Shane and Alyssa Corry

Frederick and Christina Cowles

Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Cozort

Kimberly and Gary Creem

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dale

Mrs. Sheila Daume

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Dazzo

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Dick

Bob and Maureen Dobies

James and Linda Dolph

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dow

Mr. Rob Dowsett and Ms. Susan Halley

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Drake

Lois and Bill Druckemiller

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Duffy

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ehinger

Janice Ellsworth

Ms. Mary Ellen Gaw and Mr. John P. Emert

Carl D. England, Jr.


$1 – $499

Frank and Mary Fahrenkopf

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Fee

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ferrantella

Christopher and Jennifer Ferreira

Bill and Gail Fine

Ms. Julie A. Fitzgerald and Mr. Carl H. Sjolund

Liz and Biff Folberth

Fremont-Smith Family

Kim and Rob Frisbie

Mike and Diane Gaertner

Dottie and Lou Gennaro

Nancy Gewirz

Anne and Whitney Gifford

Barbara S. and Stephen Gillers

Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Gillum, Jr.

Janet Glitzenstein

Steve and Peggi Godwin

Drs. John and Margaret Goldman

Gene and Janie Goodwillie


Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Gordon Jr.

Victoria Goss

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Gottlieb

Joe and Maria Grause

Joanne Lawrence and Richard Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J Greenberg

Hannah Judy Gretz

Bill and Kathy Grieder

Garth and Jean Grimmer

Ellen Hallock Hakes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall

Robert and Cornelia Ireland Hallinan

Jean and Hugh Halsell

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Haydock

Cary Hazlegrove and Andy Bullington

Mary L. Heen and Ole H. Lokensgard

John M. Heggem

Nina Hellman

Jim and Gerry Herndon

Don and Kate Heyda

Peter and Jeanne Hicks

Ruth Hill

Elizabeth Hillgerand William Reynolds

Grace S. Hinkley

Susan K. Hochwald

Linda and Peter Hoey

Megan and Chris Holding

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Holt, Jr.

Tyrrell Flawn and John P. Howe III, MD

Virginia and Richard Irwin

Mr. Jan Jacobi

Mr. William H. Jamieson

Leslie Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Bardwell Jones

Mr. George C. Jordan III

Gil and Betty Ann Kaplan

Diane H. Karper

Connie and Dennis Keller

Jim and Sharon Kelley

Linda and George Kelly

Susan Kenny

Julianne Kever

Mr. and Mrs. Christian G. Kling

Ken Knutti and Jill Audycki

Jacqueline and Eric Kraeutler

Peter and Carol Krogh

Norma and Loren Kroll

Kathryn Kubie and William Winkler

Ulrich Lachler and Nancy Gillespie

Mr. and Ms. Kenneth H. Lange

Mr. Paul LaPaglia

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Lathrop

Drs. Alice and Marvin Leventhal

Larry and Susan Levine

Ronald and Deborah Lilly

Janet and Keith Lindgren


$1 – $499

Ms. Leslie Linsley

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. LiPuma

Vicki Livingstone

John F. and Judith R. Lochtefeld

Alanna and Will Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Macallister

Walter Macauley

Thomas Macy

Diane Pearl and Tim Madden

The Majernik Family

Ms. Anne G. Maletta

Carol Ann and Philip Marks

Colleen Marocco

Ann and Dennis Marvin

Ms. Barbara Matteucci

Elizabeth Ann Mautner

Daphne and John McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce McGilvray

Marty and Holly McGowan

Ms. Annette L. McGrath

Mary Lou McGuire

Matthew McKeever, RN

Colleen McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. John Meacham

Brook and Peyson Meerbergen

Mr. and Mrs. Richardson T. Merriman

Mr. Michael Metz and Ms. Clare Casademont

Mary Ann Meyers

Allison Taff Migel

Polly and Nick Miller

Hal Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Mitchell

Earl and Iris Mix

Carol J. Moffitt

Mr. John R. Moncure and Cynthia Mc Clintock

Tom and Margot Montgomery

Marcia and Doug Moran

Hicks B. and Vicki C. Morgan

Peter A. Morrison and Mary Wawro

The Moss Family

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Mueller

Shirley Murtha

Jean F. and David G. Nathan Fund

Virginia and Alan D. Nathan

Mr. and Mrs. Germain D. Newton

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Nicholson

Richard and Elizabeth Nix

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. O’Brien

Old Spouter Gallery

Ms. Jean E. Olender

Ms. Corinne M. Olmsted

Kate Heller O’Reilly

Elissa and Bill Oshinsky

Mr. and Mrs. John Osowa

Harry and Frances Ostrander

Amy Pallenberg

Melissa & Peter S. Panchy

Mary Alyce Pardo

Ms. Patricia M. Pastuszak

Joan Pearce

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Perelman

Abby and Steve Perelman

Ms. Renee Pessin


Nancy and Bernard Picchi

Kristene Franklin Pierce

Mrs. Margaret Chase Pignato

Eileen and Elliott Pollack

Caroline P. Pollard

Mr. and Mrs. Max Polster

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Posner

David Pumphrey

Shirley Rayport

Richard and Georgia Raysman

Peg and Phil Read

Rich Family


$1 – $499

Susan and Peter Richards

Mrs. Mary Richrod

Charles and Susan Rickards

Mr. Peter W. Ridder and Ms. Carol C. Sanford

The Rev. Bruce and Mary Rigdon

Ms. Jeanne W. Riggs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Riley

Ringer Family

Mr. Michael J. Roche

Ellen Rothschild

Margaret Ryan

Elisabeth Sackton and Liz Coolidge

Thomas and Roberta Santos

Lee and Priscilla Saperstein

Mr. Robert Sarvis

Cary and John Schaperkotter

Mr. John R. Schmidt and Ms. Wendy F. Conway

Thomas Schweizer

Mrs. Nancy T. Scott

Yukari W. Scott

Ivy and Fran Scricco

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seaquist

Charlie and Sharon Shaver

Mimi Huber and Richard Sheehan

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Slosek

Ozzie and Nan Small

Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks Smith

Penny F. Snow

Skip and Dierdre Snyder

Mr. Gregory L. Snyder and Ms. Aine Donovan

The Sobol Family

Sotell Family Trust

Maria and Bill Spears

Suzi Spring

John Stahler Family

Dr. Robert A. Stanton

Mrs. John E. Stauffer

Jane B. Stearns

Phillip and Gail Stone

James Sulzer and Barbara Elder

Mr. Campbell E. Sutton

Liz Sutton-Sims

Jonathan C. Swain

Anne Sweidel

Liza and Rocky Taylor

Henry and Anne Terry

The Rev. Frederick Thayer

Lee T. Venolia and John W. Thoman, Jr.

Barry and Charlene Thurston

Sheila F. Todd

Jeanette D. Topham

Ms. Marjory Trott

Richard L. Tuck

Peter and Vicky Tulloch

Dr. and Dr. Wayne Tworetzky

Cecily Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Karl H. Velde Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Veysey

Nancy and Carlo Vittorini

Richard and Gay Vogt

Mr. and Mrs. George Vollans

Ms. Barbara von der Groeben

Dr. and Mrs. Len Waldman

John and Caroline Walker

Daphne Dodge Walker

Ms. Ann Petitt Webber

Dr. Joel and Judith Weinstein

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay White

Robert Coffin and Brenda Williams

Paula K. Williams

Scott and Holly Wilson

Ms. Joan R. Wilson-Godeau

Mr. Donald Wray and Dr. Arlene Rozzelle

Robert A. Young

Julie Young

Ms. Konstantina Zaras