As custodians of Nantucket history, the Atheneum is dedicated to restoring access to The Historic Newspapers database as quickly as possible. When our technology vendors communicated they would no longer offer this database functionality, we raced to find a solution, and while there will be a temporary outage until our new vendor is up and running, we are pleased to offer alternative ways to access the newspaper content:

1) Come into the library! Utilize our microfilm readers to view and request copies of specific pages via email or for printing.

2) Submit requests for specific pages by email, providing the citation details such as “Year, Month, and Week/Day.”

Our staff understands how important this content is for research, advocacy, and education. We are humbled by the offers of support we have received from researchers and patrons alike. Your understanding as we work to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.

Love, The Atheneum