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Frequently Asked Questions

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Streaming unabridged and abridged ebooks, audiobooks, movies, television shows, and graphic novels.

No plugins are needed to listen to Hoopla content.

Yes, the Hoopla Digital app for iOS and Android devices.

The list of supported devices is available in Hoopla Help.

Yes and your PIN. You will also need to create a free account with Hoopla.

Customers have a checkout limit of 10 downloads per month. Hoopla also has a daily limit for downloads which resets at 8:00 pm. Please try after 8:00 pm, or the following day, if you receive this message: “The daily lending limit has been met. Please save this title to your Favorites and try again tomorrow.”

21 days

Hoopla Digital titles are always available; you don’t have to put holds on them.

Titles cannot be renewed.

No overdue fines; the titles are returned automatically.


No, Hoopla does not accept recommendations.

See the Help section of the Hoopla website. Or, view our pamphlet.