Check Out the Digital Newspaper Archive

Curious about Nantucket history? Did you know the Nantucket Atheneum has a Historic Digital Newspaper Archive? You can search or browse through newspapers from the past two hundred years of island life.


The library’s Historic Digital Newspaper Archive allows researchers to search and view issues of over twenty Nantucket historic newspapers from 1816 to the present online using keyword searching. These weekly newspapers covered world, national, regional, and local news, including information on maritime subjects, shipping, whaling, marriages, births, baptisms, and obituaries.

You can search by keyword and date range as well as browse entire newspapers by year. The newspaper archive also allows users to print and save articles. You can access this material from any computer, any time, no library card needed. The newspapers are updated annually to keep the archive as current as possible.

We wish to thank the following organizations and individuals who helped make the Nantucket Atheneum’s Digital Historic Newspaper Archive possible. Funding for the digitization of the newspapers was provided by the Nantucket Community Preservation Committee. In addition, the Atheneum would like to thank Boston Public Library, Micrographics Inc. and Marianne Stanton of The Inquirer and Mirror for help on this project.